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Giant SR/ European Roulette Desk Mat and Mousepad from CEG/ Casino Quest

This 48" X 24" CEG Single Zero Roulette Mat is beautiful.  This is one of our favorite designs ever. The colors are vibrant, the font is classic, and the betting areas are perfectly aligned. 

Think giant Single Zero Roulette Mouse Pad or Desk Mat that can cover a larger working area. This Roulette Mat is made with premium materials for extended use and durability.

The CEG/ Casino Quest SR/ European Roulette Mat is built to be used and can endure long, repetitive motions with your favorite bets while offering dealers the feel of sliding chips on a real table felt. Each mat is approximately 1/8 inch (3mm) thick with a smooth top and a rubber base for traction. High-quality stitching on the edges adds more life and durability and eliminates fraying.

The CEG/ Casino Quest Single Zero Roulette Mat (mousepad) features a scaled-down Roulette layout with vibrant colors and exacting specs. 


CEG's David and Dennis created this design to meet the exact standards.

CEG Single Zero Roulette Desk Mat 48" X 24"

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