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Giant Roulette Desk Mat and Mousepad from CEG/ Casino Quest

This 48" X 24" CEG Roulette Mat is beautiful.  This is one of our favorite designs ever. The colors are vibrant, the font is classic, and the betting areas are perfectly aligned. 

Think of a giant Roulette Mouse Pad or Desk Mat that can cover a larger working area. This Roulette Mat is made with premium materials for extended use and durability.

The CEG/ Casino Quest Roulette Mat is built to be used and can endure long, repetitive motions with your favorite bets while offering dealers the feel of sliding chips on a real table felt. Each mat is approximately 1/8 inch (3mm) thick with a smooth top and a rubber base for traction. High-quality stitching on the edges adds more life and durability and eliminates fraying.

The CEG/ Casino Quest Roulette Mat (mousepad) features a scaled-down Roulette layout with vibrant colors and exacting specs. 

CEG's David and Dennis created this design to an exact standard.

Roulette Desk Mat 48" X 24

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